The red gold of our land

Table grapes

The precious flavor of late summer

Our team is the land

We know the producers, their needs, their characteristics, and their cultivation methods. That is why we are certain we offer the best product, as it is generated by a local supply chain of great quality, experience, and tradition. Certified thanks to the sound relationships between people.

A family business for over 40 years

Our great stories have deep roots embedded with genuineness and seriousness.
They originate in those fields that are now cultivated by the many agricultural producers who rely on us and put their trust in our hands.


The wonderful journey of our products.

We curate, select, and analyze our products starting with the growers, an integral part of the company's production process. Our suppliers are evaluated by calculating the percentage of positive responses given and are classified according to three categories: qualified, conditionally qualified, and unqualified. Based on these judgments, we work with suppliers while also trying to implement measures or corrective actions that will enable them to return to the highest levels.

Before being processed in an operational facility spread over a total area of about 18,000 square meters and being marketed according to a distribution network capable of shipping about 2,000 tons of cherries and table grapes per day, our products undergo chemical and microbiological analyses in the field and in the company and are entered into a traceability system that makes them always punctually identifiable, even during processing, storage, and shipping.

Research and development,
tradition, and experimentation.

The best varieties of cherries and table grapes grow with our company.

Cultivation means care, passion, experience. Seeing products ripen and bear fruit means love and attention to detail. Analyzing and identifying the most innovative solutions means having our eyes on the future, staying competitive in the market. We therefore promote production processes that are in line with the market and progress, create new products and always improve those already on sale, and invest in new technologies.

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