We were born in Apulia. It is our home, where our company is located, and where our fruits grow.
But the people who appreciate us are located all over the world.

Apulia is a region in southeast Italy. It is a region that our producers know best, as experienced growers: they know how to interpret its climate, its charm, its wonderful ability to cultivate and grow fruit and vegetables that meet the needs of the market.

It is a region we know well and invite everyone to visit at least once.
It is our home, the place where the courageous idea behind our company arose, where our products grow. And it is from here, from this beautiful region, that we market quality and goodness, because the people who appreciate us are in Apulia as well as all over the world. In a market environment strongly characterized by exports, we orient our production procedures to serve both the Italian and European market, as well as non-EU countries and Great Britain.

Every day we ship about 120 tons of cherries and 200 tons of table grapes. We are able to handle such large flows because we have an organized structure with an efficient logistics system.

Quick deliveries and efficient distribution are necessary for those who, like us, prefer a fresh, quality product.

To ensure that our products meet the quality standards required by the market and comply with food safety regulations, we follow strict quality and safety control protocols throughout the distribution chain.

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