Information on the application of the right to Whistleblowing at the company pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/2023.

In line with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 24/2023, the following may make a whistleblowing report:
- Staff of the organisation (employees, executives, interns);
- Directors and/or members of corporate bodies;
- Third parties who are not employees (contractors, consultants, third-party suppliers of goods or services).

Please note that the reports must provide elements that can be used to verify and ascertain the validity of the facts reported;

Indicatively, the following is to be considered relevant for the purposes of Reports:
- Actions that may constitute crimes, offences, irregularities;
- Conduct to the detriment of Di Palma Donato & Figli (as a whole) or the public interest;
- Actions that may harm the health and/or safety of shareholders, employees, third parties and/or the environment.

Reports made with malicious intent or gross negligence, or which prove to be false, unfounded, defamatory or in any case made with the sole purpose of damaging Di Palma Donato & Figli S.r.l., the reported person or other persons concerned by the report, expose the reporting person to civil and criminal liability; 

personal complaints should not be reported; 
Reports made anonymously can only be taken into consideration if adequately substantiated and made with full details. Such Reports may subsequently be supplemented with the identity of the Whistleblower;

For all Reports, the necessary measures will be taken to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data of the persons involved, unless otherwise provided for by law.


How to make a report:

Whistleblowing reports can be submitted using the specific channels indicated below (available in Italian and English).
Paper reports must be placed in two sealed envelopes: the first with the whistleblower's identification data and a photocopy of an identity document (except in the case of anonymous reports); the second with the report itself. Both envelopes must then be placed in a third envelope, along with any documentation deemed useful for reporting purposes.

This form is an alternative reporting channel and may be submitted via:

- Internal mail with a sealed envelope marked "confidential/personal" to be placed in the appropriate submission boxes;

- Postal service, addressing it to the Head Office of Di Palma Donato & Figli S.r.l. at Via Delle More, sn - 70014 Conversano (BA), Italy, for the attention of the Whistleblowing Function, with the label "confidential, to be opened by addressee".