For more than 40 years,
starting from a family-run business working to enhance the good products of our land

The fruits of excellence, the goodness of Apulia

The company Di Palma was founded in the mid-1980s, based on the courageous idea of the three founding brothers. Snapshots of a business created in the family amid the aromas of the kitchen in the early morning and work in the countryside into the evening. This is all that needs mentioning in order to convey our genuineness, seriousness, and good history. A history with deep roots in those fields that are cultivated by the many agricultural producers who rely on us and put their trust in our hands today..

We cultivate good relationships. We cultivate good ideas.

Our organization is currently spread over two operating units, both in Conversano in the province of Bari, in the heart of Apulia. The company is spread over a total area of about 18,000 square meters, with a 6,000 square meter, technologically advanced work area, including a 2,000 square meter storage and refrigeration area that allows storing about 6000 quintals of product, plus another 4,000 quintals in a controlled atmosphere.

There are two plants equipped with optical readers for processing cherries: they check the caliber, color, and shape defects both inside and outside each cherry and process 200 tons of product daily.

We trade wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable products. We are one of the major export hubs for cherries and table grapes in southeastern Bari. But we also know how to look beyond, and are aware that in order to offer a great product, everything around us must be able to express itself to the fullest.


From the goodness of the land to good practices.
Development, innovation, and sustainability.


Grown by local farmers and agricultural producers who entrust their products to us on a daily basis, in small quantities.
They are conferred and purchased while keeping standards in mind. When the products are delivered to the company, we check the uniformity of their ripeness and size, and carry out product quality control.

Table grapes

We meet the producers in the middle by purchasing the grapes in the field or by harvesting them directly. Each batch of grapes undergoes scrupulous laboratory analyses to highlight the absence of pesticide residues.
If the analyses give suitable results, the product is harvested and transported after visual investigations are carried out to ascertain the absence of bunches with substandard or torn grapes.

The stages of the wonderful journey of our products.
Our focus on quality is at the heart of it all.

Tons per day

Daily handling 

of grapes and cherries

Operational structure

Total square meters of the new

operating facility
Equipped area

Area with technological systems

Temperature-controlled storage and refrigeration area
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