We are proud of our business and our suppliers. We are confident of their quality and ability to improve daily. But here, we take you with us into our experimental field, where our boldest and most innovative ideas become fruits.

Welcome to our experimental cherry orchard, an extraordinary environment full of unique features. This vast plot is home to 8,000 cherry trees of the Ferrovia and Regina varieties, two of the most renowned varieties in the cherry world.

One of the distinguishing features of this field is the localized drip irrigation system near the roots of the plants. The cherry trees are watered in a precise and controlled manner through an irrigation system raised a few centimeters above the ground, which saves money compared to traditional irrigation systems. 

Another benefit of this irrigation system is obtained during pruning, as it does not hinder our work and the plant itself is not in danger of being damaged. This approach ensures that the plant roots receive the right amount of water without waste, promoting healthy and vigorous growth.

Biodiversity is another key aspect of this experimental field. 
Various species of plants and flowers have been planted alongside the cherry trees to help create an ecologically balanced environment. This variety of flora attracts beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies, which play a crucial role in cherry pollination. The presence of biodiversity also promotes the reduction of unwanted pests, promoting sustainable and natural cultivation.

Another distinctive feature of this experimental field is the use of low plants. The cherries have been selected and grown so that the plants have a smaller stature than the traditional varieties. This aspect has many advantages: it simplifies cherry picking, making the process more efficient and ergonomic for operators, and it facilitates the management and maintenance of the plants themselves.

But the wonders of this experimental field do not stop there. The surrounding environment is extremely lush thanks to the privileged location in a fertile and generous land. The nutrient-rich soil and lush vegetation provide ideal conditions for the cherries to optimally grow and ripen. The lush and rejuvenating atmosphere of this place is reflected in the cherries, which thus develop a unique, delicious taste.
Along with the beauty of nature, we experience the new flavors of high-quality cherries grown here with care and passion.

Di Palma
Di Palma
From the goodness of the earth to good practices.
Development, innovation, and sustainability to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

The Di Palma company was founded in the mid-1980s, established thanks to a courageous idea of the three founding brothers. Snapshots of a business created in the family amid the aromas of the kitchen in the early morning and work in the countryside into the evening. This is all that needs mentioning in order to convey our genuineness, seriousness, and good history. History that has deep roots in those fields that are cultivated by us today, and the many agricultural producers who rely on us with their trust. We cultivate good relationships. We cultivate good ideas.

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